You have entered your first martial arts tournament and so has a curious Nick Breckon. Unfortunately a secret law is invoked making this match a battle to the death. Can you survive?

The player and nick start with 20 hp. Each round, Nick says something and though it isn't entirely clear what, it is a consistent clue to what his next action is. The player then has the chance to do:

  • Desperate Attack
    • Attack for up to double damage, but vulnerable to a defend
  • Attack
    • Guaranteed damage each turn, but you leave yourself open to a Desperate Attack
  • Defend
    • Can counter a Desperate Attack and halves a Normal Attack.

Keep this in mind and as you play and learn the prompts, pick the best option to make quick work of Nick Breckon.

There are over 12 different endings to stumble upon. Will you be the one to bring Nick's downfall?

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